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Beauty Mirror

Perfect for intimate events,

fashionistas will love the beautiful images the Beauty Mirror produces.

Beauty Mirror

Instagram-worthy, glamorous selfies are on the menu with the Event Star Beauty Mirror.

Capturing selfie perfection and making sure users look their absolute best, this booth features an innovative Beauty Filter feature that automatically processes and enhances selfies before they are printed and shared online.

How It Works

Beauty Mirror pose and snap

Custom animations and an engaging voiceover will guide and entertain users as they engage and interact with the Beauty Mirror. No one can resist the chance to capture high-quality selfies, sign and stamp them, apply filters, and even record their own videos!

Beauty Mirror print instantly

And the fun lasts even longer with professional quality print images as well as the chance to share their perfect image straight to social media.


Digital natives and millennials will love sharing their content straight to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS, increasing awareness, in the venue and online.

Event Star can also collate GDPR compliant data for your consumer database and future marketing activities.