Time Array

Photo Booth

Pack a Punch!

Our newest next level photo experience using multiple cameras to create a 180-degree GIF for 3D effect.

Delivering the bullet-time effect made famous in the Matrix movies, this experience packs a punch way above its size and will turn your next event on its head.

Event Star Photobooth - 180 Bullet Time Array Experience

How it works

The 180 Bullet Time Array is sure to drive guest interaction and offers endless branding opportunities.
Event Star Photobooth - 180 Bullet Time Array Experience
Easy to use, guests will step into a whole new experience all at the touch of a button. Creating shareable content in a matter of seconds, guests will love posing in front of the 5 DSLR cameras that pick up every movement and motion, capturing the creativity and knitting it together into a seamless video experience.
Use confetti or a bubble machine for greater 3D effect
The bullet-time or stop motion effect delivers a 3D photo effect which users cannot wait to share on social media. Event Star can also create custom graphics and animations to add to the images and video to further enhance the content.


Get set to watch your guests enjoy this 3D interactive GIF and want to share it with everyone. Increase your followers on social and give guests an unrivalled experience.

Event Star can also collate useful customer data for your future marketing activities.

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