Vogue Booth

If it’s good enough for the Met Gala,

then it should be good enough for your next event.

Event Star Photobooth - Vogue Booth

Vogue Booth

Taking the whole photo booth concept to the edge, the Vogue Booth is a futuristic and fantastic way to create video portraits with a twist.

How it works

Event Star Photobooth - Vogue Booth

Every guest gets the chance to have their Vogue moment once they step into a tunnel pulsating with tubes of light that line the walls.

Users can pose and play any way they like, dance, jump or simply sashay through the strobing lights as the camera captures share-worthy gifs, boomerangs and slow-motion videos.
Guests love stepping towards the booth and into hours of fun and engagement, feeling like the ultimate celebrity and creating content that will put your event on the map.


Shining a spotlight on your brand, the Vogue Booth is a great way to enhance your online presence with direct social sharing and content that consumers cannot help but post and share with friends and followers.

There is no other experience like this out there on the market and you’ll put the spotlight firmly on your brand with the Vogue Booth

Event Star can also gather customer insights from your event that can be used
in future marketing activities.

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