Experience is everything.

Now, more than ever, brands and businesses need to engage with customers.

But with consumers bombarded with marketing messages in real life and on social media, how do you cut through the noise?

Event Star can help.

We can collect GDPR compliant data (emails and phone numbers) for future marketing.
Our photo technology is designed to maximise real life connections, immerse consumers in your brand story and help them create amazing content that they must share.

We custom build immersive brand activations and experiences that tell your story, stopping people in their tracks and drive brand trust and loyalty.

And even better, every photo experience is designed to collate rich customer data that will help enhance, personalise, and target your future marketing activities.

Event Star works with each client to fully understand your event objectives. We then create a customised activation that will far exceed your expectations, causing a buzz in the moment and long after the event is over.

Partnering with brands, PR, and marketing agencies, we create bespoke solutions for everything from product launches to in-store activations, festivals to conferences.
Event Star Photobooth - Corporate Event Collage
The excitement in the venue is only exceeded by the buzz created online as users vie to create the most share-worthy content.

All our activities are designed for the social media age, with immediate sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which will drive your digital marketing and give your social media presence a much-needed boost.

Event Star don’t just focus on digital savvy guests, we also offer the option to print images featuring your choice of branding, logo, or messaging, giving everyone the chance to take away a branded keepsake from the event.

Contact us today and let Event Star light up your next event.

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