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LED Inflatable Booth

LED Inflatable Booth

Stand out from the crowd with this booth packed with LED lights that will draw every eye and create the perfect pics.

Surprise and delight with a booth no one can ignore.

How it works

Accommodating 10+ people and delivering privacy in the 7.5′ X 7.5′ inflatable enclosure, Event Star can fully customize the booth to meet your event needs, using the LEDs to maximum effect with jaw-dropping colour schemes and showcasing your brand.
Perfect for big groups, the LED Inflatable Booth brings the fun and amps up the action at events.
With immediate social sharing and the ability to print branded images straight away, the LED Inflatable Booth is a great way to engage consumers and inject the wow-factor into events.


Groups and individuals will love the fun of immersing themselves in the experience and they won’t be able to resist sharing their selfies and content straight to social media.

With photo strips and prints available almost immediately, guests will love the printed keepsake of your event and Event Star can collate GDPR compliant customer insights that will help you personalise your future marketing activities.