Light Painting

Photo Booth

Event Star Photobooth - Light Painting Booth
Event Star Photobooth - Light Painting in action

Light Painting

Step into an amazing artistic environment and let your guests go wild and get creative. Guests will create their own light painting masterpieces and take away a treasured memory.

Perfect for awards ceremonies, gala dinners and private parties, guests will love the chance to capture a masterpiece.

How it works

Strike a pose!

Users simply step inside and strike a pose, then the magic happens. Our photo-painters will get to work creating light patterns around you and capturing a vivid moment and memory.

Customise and Personalise

Event Star can fully customise the experience with branding, logos or special messages that can be included on the print-out or displayed in the light painting.

Print & Share

Every user’s photo is then available for immediate printing or sharing on social media.


Interaction and imagination combine in this photo booth. No one can resist sharing the striking images and boosting your brand online and on social media. Guests will be thoroughly entertained, coming back for more and vying to create the most memorable poses and vivid images.
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