Photo Booth

Turn everything on its head with incredible video content and seamless 360-degree footage causing the ultimate stir.
Event Star Photobooth - 360 Experience
Event Star Photobooth - 360 Experience
Taking event photography to the next level, the 360 Experience delivers on all fronts. Designed to captured individuals and groups from every angle and deliver total brand immersion.

Get set to create branded videos, GIFs and Boomerangs that can be shared straight to social media or hosted directly on a brand website.

How it works

Jump On!

Users jump onto the branded platform for their moment in the spotlight.

Press & Spin!

And at the touch of a button a slow-motion camera circles the platform and captures all the thrills and spills in high definition.

Step off and Share!

Branded video content is ready to be shared the moment users step off the platform.

Event Star Photobooth - 360 Experience


Event Star delivers maximum brand exposure by brand wrapping everything from the platform to control station as well as the 360 Experience surround.

Offering 360 degrees of immersive, interactive fun for every user, with branded content they can’t help but share – your brand will take off online and offline.

Event Star can also deliver comprehensive insights and analytics to enhance your marketing.

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